Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Detailed Day

Today I am going to share information about the details of my day. Last time, I shared how my day is set up! I absolutely love the way it is set up.
During my spelling block, I usually have the kids do a variety of activities. (I meant to take some pictures today, but totally forgot.) My week goes something like this…

Practicing our Spelling Words – Sometimes I mix these up, for instance we do the first 4 words one way, the 2nd four another way, etc. Other times, we do different activities different days.

1.     Cheer the Words.
I have students stand, and if it a word like “find” we would clap above our heads on “f,” above our heads on “i,” in front of our tummies on “n,” and above our heads on “d.”

2.    Sky Writing
We also switch it up - I will have my students write their spelling words in the “sky.” In other words, sky writing. We point our finger at the word and “trace” it in the sky.

3.       Mini White Boards
Last year, I found some awesome little whiteboards in the Dollar Spot at Target. I wish I had a picture to share (my next blogging goal). Well anyway, I have the kids write their word, show it to me, and then hide it. I will tell them something like “awesome, terrific, stupendous, etc.” if they get the word right. They are so funny, they love to say, “Yes, I got a beautiful!” LOL! My 2nd graders crack me up!

4.    Side to Side Spelling
My class sits in a semi-horseshoe type thing. I will get a picture tomorrow – PROMISE! Well anyway they are split into 2 sides. I let the sides spell a spelling word. The left side may start first one day – they will spell a word, like “find.” If they get it right, they get a point and it is the right side’s turn. If they miss it, then the other team can steal the point. They get 2 “call a friends”! The kids really get into it.

5.       Forearm Writing
My kids use their dominant hand to “write” with their finger the spelling words on the opposite forearm. For instance, I am right handed so I would write with my right hand on my left forearm. The kids love it because it tickles! Laughter is great medicine!

I think that is about all my spelling activities for my spelling block. I just rotate them around. Every once in a while I try new, unique things, but for the most part we use these same activities! As I continue to grow as a teacher, I continue to look for more and more engaging ways to help my students become better learners! I will definitely update this list if I find anything else my students adore! 

Wow! This got lengthy very quickly!

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