Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keeping Kids On Track in Stations

So recently, as I was looking up from my small group table I see... Let's just call him Tom... Well Tom is making a paper airplane instead of doing his station work. I see, let's just call her Jane, in her own little world doing little to nothing about completing her work. You see, I decided to slow down on the amount of paperwork in stations - I don't like grading it. It takes way too much time. Even if I don't grade it, I get tired of having to sort it all. I knew I had to make my kids accountable in some other way. So I created a rubric chart!


After station time, I give this to my kids, and I make them reflect on their work. They have to really think about how well they did in their stations. I have them put different smiley faces on it to show how they did. I'll tell you what - MY KIDS WORKED SO HARD!!! I was so proud of them! They really were honest with themselves, after I told them it was not for a grade and I wouldn't be sending it home! :) I even heard them talking about what they could do better. So I'll say taking 5 minutes after station time to reflect was absolutely worth it! :)

Well, I am done for now!


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